Photography and Poetry


Seeing as being, there's presence, there's relaxed awareness. That's what lights things up, not seeking reality as reality but being ourselves reality. Do you know what I mean?


To assent to each thought
in (quiet) speech,
leaves me in the light
even in the middle of the night.

The heart remains intact.
Freedom itself, in oneself.


Progressions and connections,
leave you in harmony.
This is the heart’s economy.

At a glance.

 Reflections of all charming smiles.

Infinity madness at its best.


A love story.


Never turned back.

Your hands without end.

Thy Will has been done.

Our sandals striking the bell.


Peace, for each life.

Much more than a companion.

Ha, ha!

I love you too.

Identities freed. Leon and company.


Quite a journey.


            Thank you.

Cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms.

And yet,

and yet...

The more light. The more is left to see.

Just like that.

The friendly duck.


Above the clouds.

On the road again.

The beckoning horizon seems parallel.


Showing up.

Jumping off the 285-Foot Pole.



The Universe rewrites, repairs, widens...

Trading gold for gold with precision and care.

Light living makes up for the discomfort of flesh and bones.

It makes you fly like a dolphin or be like the goldfinch by the sea. What a mixture of recipes!

It will surprise you, satisfy and remind you, that it isn't and is you.

Field notes

Fireflies at night

Cover our landscapes just as stars cover our skies.

Some on trees, branches and unfurl lily petals

Appear lit, gravitating to each other's flashing light.

The more light, the more is left to see.

Iris Revealed

On the wondrous and magical Blue Cliff,

You may find blue irises.

They may say, "Let the more loving ones be us."

They require little water,

Don't ask you to be happy or sad,

They simply become what you want them to be.

Ever wonder what lies beneath their smell?

Perhaps hope carries them well?

And if you follow their way,

Your heart towards that way,

A blue iris may just reveal

To what is the most real.

In a pillar

Hide and seek


Revel in the reveal.

Isn't this unity a symphony?

Who can name this entity?

Hi Cardinal!

I hear your message 

Even from afar.

I look for your flutter

Even when you might not be around.

Sweetness is in your voice

That reaches and touches charm.

That kind of proof,

It is so ever, enough.

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