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Seeing as Being

Feel at ease,
Be simple,
Meditate in motion,
Be no self but always yourself,
Have a fresh mind,
Especially, enjoy it,
and see from there.

Peace and harmony
can carry the day only when the individual is able,
in any given moment, be comfortable with others.



To assent to each thought
in (quiet) speech,
leaves me in the light
even in the middle of the night.

The heart remains intact.
Freedom itself, in oneself.


Progressions and connections,
leave you in harmony.
This is the heart’s economy.

At a glance.

 Reflections of all charming smiles.

Infinity madness at its best.


A love story.


Never turned back.

Your hands without end.

Thy Will has been done.

Our sandals striking the bell.


Peace, for each life.

Much more than a companion.

Ha, ha!

I love you too.

Identities freed. Leon and company.


Quite a journey.


            Thank you.

Cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms.

And yet,

and yet...

The more light. The more is left to see.

Just like that.

The friendly duck.


Above the clouds.

On the road again.

The beckoning horizon seems parallel.


Showing up.

Jumping off the 285-Foot Pole.

Momentary Thoughts, poems, and field notes

It's an Inside Job

It’s an inside job when one dives deep,
deep into the sea.

It’s an inside job when the only thing one thinks of is to think they know nothing of.

Isn’t this the best inside job to be!

Can you hear me?

Can you repair the scars with gold?

Can you make me an expert

The way grandmother used to hang her clothes?

325 rue medeleine